Monday, October 23, 2017

Time Travelers' Bazaar at Fan Expo Vancouver

Time Travelers' Bazaar 
Fan Expo Vancouver - Artists' Alley
November 10 to 12, 2017
Vancouver Convention Centre East Building
999 Canada Place (beside the Pan Pacific Hotel)

Friday November 10    2 pm to 8 pm
Saturday November 11    10 am to 7 pm
Sunday November 12    10 am to 5 pm

Time Travelers' Bazaar will be making a special late-autumn appearance at Fan Expo Vancouver, from November 10 to 12.  A hand-picked selection of our vendors will be joined together to create a Time Travelers Bazaar Island in the midst of Artist's Alley at Fan Expo. There will even be a nearby backdrop for a steampunk photo opp!

If you buy tickets for Fan Expo Vancouver this year, please come find us! As usual, we will be all dressed up and selling our spectacular wares! Eclectic, geeky, fantasy and just plain unique clothing, hats, jewelry, props and other accessories!

So far, the list of vendors who will be there are:

      Alkymiya Gallery
      Bits & Keys
      Carolyn Bruce Designs
      Faye: The Art of Melissa Mary Duncan
      Monika's Costume Emporium
      Morgan's Pillows & Patchwork
      My TellTale Heart
      Smart Tart Designs
      The Slug and Kraken
      Through the Clockwork Door Jewelry
      Vintage View Atelier

This list be will updated as needed.

Fan Expo Vancouver information:

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2018 Time Travelers' Bazaar
Vendor Applications are Now OPEN!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

10:30 am to 5:00 pm

Heritage Hall at 3102 Main Street (at 15th Ave)
Vancouver, British Columbia

Admission $2 for adults, free under 14

Of course, we also have jewelry-makers at Time Travelers' on April 23rd - all talented, local artisans who make a very wide range of styles and types of jewelry - something for everyone's taste!  From delicate to powerful, from simple to complex, from steampunk to viking to gypsy to faery to historically-inspired.  We welcome Alkymiya Gallery, Carolyn Bruce Designs, Divaukas Design, Slug & Kraken, Through the Clockwork Door, Bits & Keys, Phoenix Rising Emporium, Smart Tart Designs, Mythmoon Creations, Fiddle Earth Design, and Ragnar the Trader!  

Friday, April 21, 2017

Sneak Peak - Guest Artist at Time Travelers' Bazaar

10:30 am to 5:00 pm

Heritage Hall at 3102 Main Street (at 15th Ave)
Vancouver, British Columbia

Admission $2 for adults, free under 14

I'd like to introduce our Guest Artist, Melissa Mary Duncan, the extraordinary local folklore and fantasy artist.  She is the artist who painted Time Travelers' Bazaar's banner (above).  She will be bringing with her cards, prints, paintings, and copies of her art book.  Her work will transport you to another place and time.  Here are just a choice few examples of her work.  Check out her Facebook page for more, and to see what she's working on now!  And come to the Bazaar to see her work on a piece in progress!  
And there's a rumour that a costumer has been working in collusion with Melissa Mary Duncan to reproduce the costume Queen Mab is wearing in the first image!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sneak Peak - Time Travelers' Bazaar - Sunday April 23

Here's a sneak peak of some of the vendors we have coming to Time Travelers' Bazaar this year, and the delights they will be selling for the enrichment of your wardrobes!


From P.R. McIntosh, 19th Century Gentlemen's Tailor - waistcoasts, cravats, ties, wool caps, and much more (also does custom work - ask him at the event): 
Second Chance Hats has vintage men's hats!       And colourful ties & cravats from My Telltale Heart!


Dropping Form Designs brings exotic handmade leather & feather hats & fascinators (and so much more!):
 Divaukas Design has head-dresses and coronets, in addition to her stunning jewelry:
For something vintage, you'll want Second Chance Hats 
(and she has so very much more than hats ... but oh, her hats:
carries decadent fripperies in the form of fascinators, hats, wristlets, jewelry, and more!
Dark Anachronisms has unique head-dresses and hats for your delight!

GARMENTS (including CORSETS!):

Take a look at what My Tell-Tale Heart, Alkymiya Gallery, Iva's Green Art, Phoenix Rising, Vintage View Atelier & Alys Wonderland have on offer:



We have a spectacular leather-worker & mask-maker, Kwest Costume Art:
 Monika's Costume Emporium brings you wings, wings, wings 
for your imagination to take flight!
And a variety of pouches, pouch-belts, bags, holsters, arm-warmers, leggings, walking-sticks, staves, and other accessories from a wide variety of vendors:

We even have BABY GOODS!  

My Tell-Tale Heart has specifically made a range of geeky and awesome baby accessories, such as burp cloths, bibs, blankets and even diaper bags:

And of course, we have JEWELRY galore. 

I'll give you a peek later this week of more of our wonders!