Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Now Accepting Vendor Jury Applications for 2017


I'm thrilled to announce that vendor applications are now officially open for the next 
 which occurs on SUNDAY APRIL 23, 2017!

Jurying Deadline:        Monday October 3, 2016
Vendor Notification:  Monday October 17, 2016
Payment Deadline:     Friday November 4, 2016

Due to the growth of our market, we have changed the process for this year, AND have much earlier deadlines, listed above.  We have always juried our vendors informally, but due to increased interest and growth in the event, we've formalized the process to ensure high standards for our customers and to handle the competition for spaces at the event.  Early deadlines will allow us to advertise over the Christmas season (approved vendors will receive cards with the date of the Bazaar on them).

Our jury guidelines and process are posted here, but you can also download them on a pdf here.  
The completable application form can be downloaded from Google Drive here, and the Vendor Information Packet can be found and downloaded here.  Please ensure you read all documents thoroughly before applying.  Completed application forms, plus 3 photos of your product and one photo of your setup, are to be emailed as per the instructions on the form by Monday October 3rd, and all final payments for approved vendors are due by Friday November 4. 

We ask all vendors to enter the spirit of the event and dress up in your theatrical, dramatic, eclectic, vintage best!  Your host and volunteers all dress for the day, and many members of the public dress up just to join us.

We are thrilled to continue to operate out of the stunning and magical Heritage Hall on Main Street, Vancouver for the third year in a row, in a neighbourhood full of vintage and unique fashion stores. Come and make it a day on the Street! 

We had an excellent turnout out our 2016 event, even higher than 2015, with 800 keen customers coming through our doors, and the range of merchandise carried by our creative vendors was amazing!

Jury Guidelines for the 2017 Time Travelers' Bazaar

Time Travelers’ Bazaar is now a formally-juried market.  We have always juried our vendors informally, but due to increased interest and growth in the event, we have created the formal process below to help us maintain high standards for the community.  Since we have reached vendor capacity, jurying is competitive, and only the highest quality products which meet the standards set by the jurors will be accepted. 

We are an eclectic, vintage, and costumers’ fashion market.  We are interested in vendors who sell vintage or handmade garments, costumes, jewelry, hats, props, and other accessories.   We are also interested in some vendors who can provide such things for men as well as women – we and our male customers have noticed a paucity in fashion items for men in previous years.  Our aesthetic runs toward the unique and eclectic.  Our passion is for the costuming community, and for locally-made wearable items inspired by history, fantasy, nature, and the sundry worlds of geekdom, as well as for quality vintage items, and old pieces lovingly repurposed and given new life.  Consideration will be given to the overall balance of vendor categories at Time Travelers’ Bazaar, and limits will be set in some categories.   

All vendors, new and returning, are required to submit new images of their work as part of the formal jurying process.  Please send us a minimum of 3 clear, focused photos of your work.  NEW vendors must also send 1 additional photo showing your booth / table setup.  If you are new to us and you are in the Lower Mainland, a juror may contact you to arrange to meet in person to view samples of your work or vintage wares.  This process allows us to maintain a high level of quality and achieve an appropriate mix of media for our market, and allows Time Travelers’ to remain a desirable market with a unique aesthetic.

Artisan / Craftsman Category
·       All items will be judged for quality, originality, and overall craftsmanship.
·       All items must be original and hand-crafted by vendor.
·       No commercial goods are to be sold.
·       All items sold must be approved by the Jury committee.  Please note that crafts for sale at the market must be of the same category and quality as those that were juried. On the day of Time Travelers’, our staff has the right to request that items not meeting the criteria be removed. 

Vintage Category
·       We look for quality & uniqueness in vintage garments and accessories.
·       Our focus is on older vintage – particularly late 19th and early 20th century (before 1960).
·       Vintage items must be pre-1980’s – anything 1980’s or later must be run by us for prior approval (neo-Edwardian styles or particularly striking and unique items may be approved).


Jury Applications Deadline:  Monday October 3, 2016
Vendor Notification by Us: Monday October 17, 2016
Payment Deadline: Friday November 4, 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Where are the Awesome Eclectic Fashions for Men?

Musings about the Lack of Eclectic & Costumers' Fashions for Gentlemen

I’ve been running Time Travelers’ Bazaar since 2013, and one thing I have noticed while hunting down, reviewing, and collecting amazing vendors for this event, is the paucity of amazing & eclectic garments, accessories, & costumers' things for the gentlemen out there. 

There are some amazing props (masks, props, leatherwork) and some jewelry suitable for gents, the Burner vendors often have some funky men’s offerings, and my vintage vendors often provide a small amount of men’s hats and clothes.  But when you compare this to what is available for women, the disparity is obvious.  Where are the amazing men’s fashion items?  Where are the frock coats and shirts, waistcoats/vests, hats, goggles, and accessories, and all the many things I can’t even think of? 

If you are a woman coming to Time Travelers’ Bazaar, oh my, the choices you have.  Fascinators, hats, jewelry, skirts, scarves, stockings, corsets, dresses … the range is unbelievable.  It’s an embarrassment of riches.  It’s delightful.  However, if you walk into Time Travelers’ as a man, your options are much reduced, and I want to fix that.  Each year I try to find vendors offering more for men, and each year, it eludes me.  We have a very large number of gentlemen coming through our doors every year, and I want them to be just as giddy about their options as the women are.

So I am actively seeking two types of commentary on this:
1.  Local makers, seamstresses and tailors:  what about our fine male costumers and eclectic-dressers?  For 2017, I want to have wonderful choices for the lads.  Send me links to makers providing things in the Greater Vancouver / Lower Mainland region, tell me about what you can make or do to change this deficit! 
2.     And gents – what do you want?  When you come to Time Travelers’ Bazaar, what would you love to see?  Tell us, and we will try to bring these things to you!