Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Time Travelers' Bazaar 2015 - Sunday April 12, 2015

 SUNDAY APRIL 12, 2015
10:30 am to 4:00 pm

Heritage Hall at 3102 Main Street (at 15th Ave)
Vancouver, British Columbia

Admission $1 for adults, free under 14

Come one, come all,
To the Time Travelers' Bazaar,
for Vintage and Eclectic Fashion & Costumes
and Unique Jewelry, Accessories and Props

We are a unique annual market dedicated to eclectic fashion, vintage style and costumers of all sorts. Come to us to find clothing, jewelry, hats, masks, and other accessories to ensure your wardrobe stands out! From across time and space, from far distant lands and from the active imaginations of our artisans, we strive to bring you the beautiful and unique! Meet our artisans & vintage collectors, and join us to shop, enjoy the spectacle, and be inspired!

We are thrilled to be operating out of the stunning & magical Heritage Hall on Main Street, Vancouver, in a neighbourhood full of vintage and unique fashion stores. Come and make it Eclectic Fashion Day on Main Street! 

The range of merchandise carried by our creative vendors is great: vintage hats and clothing, handmade fascinators and hats, unique jewelry of all sorts, stunning corsets, lovely leatherwork, beautiful masks of all sorts, fairy wings for the young and young at heart, fabric and trim, and accessories galore!

We're also very pleased to announce that Lace Embrace Atelier and Scout Boutique will be joining us, and will be putting on a very brief fashion show in the early afternoon (details to come in early April).