Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Where are the Awesome Eclectic Fashions for Men?

Musings about the Lack of Eclectic & Costumers' Fashions for Gentlemen

I’ve been running Time Travelers’ Bazaar since 2013, and one thing I have noticed while hunting down, reviewing, and collecting amazing vendors for this event, is the paucity of amazing & eclectic garments, accessories, & costumers' things for the gentlemen out there. 

There are some amazing props (masks, props, leatherwork) and some jewelry suitable for gents, the Burner vendors often have some funky men’s offerings, and my vintage vendors often provide a small amount of men’s hats and clothes.  But when you compare this to what is available for women, the disparity is obvious.  Where are the amazing men’s fashion items?  Where are the frock coats and shirts, waistcoats/vests, hats, goggles, and accessories, and all the many things I can’t even think of? 

If you are a woman coming to Time Travelers’ Bazaar, oh my, the choices you have.  Fascinators, hats, jewelry, skirts, scarves, stockings, corsets, dresses … the range is unbelievable.  It’s an embarrassment of riches.  It’s delightful.  However, if you walk into Time Travelers’ as a man, your options are much reduced, and I want to fix that.  Each year I try to find vendors offering more for men, and each year, it eludes me.  We have a very large number of gentlemen coming through our doors every year, and I want them to be just as giddy about their options as the women are.

So I am actively seeking two types of commentary on this:
1.  Local makers, seamstresses and tailors:  what about our fine male costumers and eclectic-dressers?  For 2017, I want to have wonderful choices for the lads.  Send me links to makers providing things in the Greater Vancouver / Lower Mainland region, tell me about what you can make or do to change this deficit! 
2.     And gents – what do you want?  When you come to Time Travelers’ Bazaar, what would you love to see?  Tell us, and we will try to bring these things to you!

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